Tips for city e-biking


Riding an e-bike can be loads of fun, and although it is pretty similar to riding a traditional bike, there are some differences you should pay attention to. Are you considering taking your e-bike on the road for the first time? Whether you want to commute to work or you would like to go on a trip, here are a couple of things you should keep in mind when it comes to riding your electric bike in the city.

Start slow
The main difference between a traditional and an electric bike is the speed. A traditional bike will go as fast as you can physically make it go, while an e-bike has a motor that will give you that extra kick. 

Instead of immediately going all out with your electric bike, you should try and pace yourself. Try to find a flat and open area to get started for the first time. Start with the motor assistance, as most e-bikes can be heavy, and they require that extra push at the beginning. But make sure to take it slow and add more speed as you go along.

Get comfortable with the brakes
Considering that e-bikes tend to be heavier and faster when compared to regular bikes, braking is something you should concentrate on. Before you start riding, it is good to test whether your brakes are functional; simply pull the brake lever and check if the engagement happens.

It is advised to use brakes earlier in traffic when riding an e-bike. The proper way to engage brakes on an electric bike is to brake the back wheel before the front wheel, so you don't get thrown off the bike. At Mokwheel, the right brake stops the back wheel, so you should brake the right lever before the left.

Be careful around cars
Drivers on the road do not always understand how fast an e-bike can actually go. Many of them forget that electric bikes are much faster than traditional bikes. Because of this, you must be extra cautious when riding your electric bike. Follow the traffic rules, but make sure that you ride extra carefully when around cards and other vehicles.

Wear your gear
A great way to keep yourself safe is to wear your e-bike gear. Usually, e-bike gear will include a helmet, knee, and elbow caps. You could also wear a protective undershirt. This all comes down to how comfortable and safe you feel when riding your e-bike and how much experience you have.

Be prepared beforehand
One thing that new riders tend to forget is that you should prepare beforehand. Have you planned out the route you are going to take? Hitting the road without a plan can be dangerous for beginners. Another thing to keep in mind is your e-bike battery. Have you charged it properly? You do not want your battery to give up on you in the middle of your ride, so make sure you charge it on time!

Commuting made easier
With a good quality e-bike, you can go a lot further with less effort, which is what makes them perfect for commuting and city riding. Electric bikes can save you a lot of time, and they are quite easy to take care of if you do it properly. Riding an e-bike is similar to riding a traditional bike, but it is much faster, more fun, and more efficient!



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