How to properly store your e-bike


If you own an e-bike, it's important to correctly store and maintain it to ensure safe, proper usage and prevent theft. A standard bicycle can be put in a garage and left alone for months, but an e-bike requires more care and maintenance. Whether you plan to ride your e-bike regularly or only use it during certain times of the year, here are some crucial tips on properly storing your e-bike.

Store your e-bike in a cool, dry place. The electrical components of your e-bike are sensitive to extreme temperatures and high moisture levels. It would be best to store your bike in a closed shed or garage at temperatures between 32° F and 70° F and relatively low humidity levels. Avoid storing your e-bike in a basement if humidity levels get high or your HVAC system's condensation builds up. It is good to clean your e-bike before putting it into storage. Wipe all the dirt and grime off your bike's frame and tires, and check that the battery contacts are clean and dry to prevent corrosion.

Remove and store the battery separately. Fluctuating temperatures and condensation build-up can corrode battery contacts, so it is best not to leave the battery on your e-bike when storing it. To prepare the battery separately for storage, remove it from your bike and clean the contacts using an electrical contact cleaner. Then apply a thin layer of terminal grease to the contacts and put a protective cover over the battery. Store the batteries at temperatures above 32° F, so if you live in a cold place, it is best to use a neoprene battery cover that will act as an insulator when temperatures dip below freezing. Your e-bike's battery risks being stolen, so put it in a hidden place away from your bike. The battery should be stored in a cool, dry place but allowed to warm up to room temperature before charging it. Your e-bike's battery is best kept between 30% and 80% charged, so recharge it occasionally if you don't use your bike for an extended period of time.

Protect your e-bike from theft. Whether or not your e-bike has a built-in anti-theft system, you should take some added safety precautions when storing it. Make sure that your shed or garage has a door with hinge protectors that is locked from the outside with a weatherproof padlock. Invest in a ground anchor, a wall anchor, or an indoor bike storage unit, and attach your e-bike to the anchor or unit using a secure bike lock and chain. If you store your e-bike in a basement, attach it to an immovable object like the furnace or plumbing fixture. If you want to store your e-bike inside your house, use an indoor bike storage stand to keep your bike stable and out of the way.

Correctly storing your e-bike is essential to keep it fully maintained and ready to ride and protect it from theft. Following these tips on properly storing your e-bike will help eliminate any potential problems the next time you want to go riding!

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